Gotta Make Your App Look Lively


Have you decided on the color scheme of your new mobile app? Color is one of the most crucial, powerful tools in an app designer’s tool kit. It can make or break a positive impression. If you want to influence your users’ actions, perceptions and emotions more, you need to choose wisely.


This 2019, vibrant colors would rule the mobile app development scene. Several designers would utilize vibrant colors to encourage users to focus on the essential elements. A color scheme can make a mobile app memorable.



A monotone palette has a single color with combinations of tones and tints. These colors are visually stimulating, mixed with attention-grabbing font styles. If you want to create memorable experiences, find a way to incorporate good monotone color schemes.More and more app developer is jumping on the monotone bandwagon nowadays.



Duotone is regarded as a halftone reproduction of a photo that incorporates highlights and middle tones. These are visually interesting, and very easy to create. You easily establish the effect through two-color gradients, and Adobe Photoshop.



Do you want to utilize color to make amazing statement? Pick a design that includes a color overlay. Simply cover the video or photo with semi-transparant colored boxes.


Colors are probably the most exciting aspects of an app or website. There are so many techniques and choices to choose from. Color effects can be impressive, serene and dramatic. It’s up to you to experiment, and explore cool combinations.